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If you have trust, loyalty, understanding, and care for your friend then it's pretty much obvious that you love him/her. The problem in a friendship starts surfacing when we say 'I love you’. Probably that means nothing to us, but it creates confusion for the other person. Even if they don't have romantic feelings for you, it might give them hope. So it's better to avoid saying casual statements to your friend until and unless you mean it.

Check these tips to make sure you are maintaining a healthy boundary in your friendship.

1. Daily phone calls and messages

If you and your friend have unconsciously created a habit of connecting over call or message every day and you don't do it with any other person, then you might want to rethink it! Start self-introspection to understand if you are growing feelings for your friend.

Further, this situation can also lead your friend to start having false hope or grow emotional feelings for you. To avoid confusion, call off the habit of daily communication to keep a healthy distance.

2. Holding back

If you have started liking your friend, you should address it in the first go by confessing your feelings to him/her. It's a huge mistake if you think that holding back your feelings in the present will not screw your friendship. Even after a month or year, the chances of your friendship getting screwed are 100% so before they understand your actions, you better make the first move.

3. Love triangle

In case your friend has got into a relationship but you are single and continue being friends with her and vice versa, then follow these points to avoid a love triangle or confusion-

1. If your friend is facing an issue with his/her counterpart then until and unless they come for your advice, you shouldn't suggest anything.

2. It's always better to be a mutual friend than the best friend of your friend's partner.

3. Never compare your partner with your friend in front of your partner.

4. If you and your friend are committed to a relationship with other individuals, then avoid always mixing up your plans like going on a trip, etc.

5. If you are in a relationship and you recently became friends with someone, it is advised to have a transparent conversation about your friendship with your partner so that any kind of insecurity can't creep in. To get him/her comfortable around your friend, you have to be patient with your mate.

4. Friends with benefits

FWB relations are only limited to physical needs. If you are involved in an FWB relationship with your friend and expecting love from him/her, that directly means you're hurting yourself.

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