Confused whom to listen? The heart or The mind to take a sustainable decision? Let’s undo the confusion in 5 minutes read.

When there are necessary decisions needed to make in life, most of us face a tug of war between our mind and heart. It's with the objective approach when we look into the matter, we will find it's not always heart vs mind or mind vs heart.

There are 3 important things you need to understand when you want to make a sustainable and reasonable decision in life:

-Thought process

Our brain/mind is the part of our body that allows creating thoughts and emotions which helps us to make decisions. It is the caretaker of the body who sends signals and guides the other organs for smooth functioning, including the heart.

- Emotion

Emotion is the flow of energy derived from our thought i.e brain. On the brain's instruction, the heart pumps blood to every part of the body and it doesn’t perform functions like thinking or acting. The heart only plays the role of supplying blood and keeps the brain and the entire body alive. Research has shown that emotions are present 50% in thought and 50% in the heart. So when there is a change in our thought, it affects our emotions and causes changes in heart rate. Simultaneously, when there is a change in our heart rate, it affects our emotions too.

- Vibe

75% of a person's vibe is decided by the heart! So, when you feel a good vibe around someone, that means you are creating positive emotion or thought. But, the moment you get a bad vibe around someone, your emotion or thought changes to negative.

Our emotions at a certain point can make us weak, and when they are backed by a strong mind it can control even the 50% of the emotions of the heart. And when our thoughts, emotions, and vibe work together in sync, we are capable of achieving anything we put our mind to.

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