How to beat your opponent and persuade the judges? Here are tips and tricks to stand out in a debate.

Are you one of those who gets nervous while facing the panel? Is your Panel Discussion performance stopping you from landing your dream job? Read on!

Panel Discussion is an art. Not a skill. And hence like every other skill you can get better at it with practice.

Here is how to enhance your performance in your Panel Discussion.

1. Express your personality
The Panel is bringing forth a question in order to understand your opinion and perspective around it. It also gives them a bigger picture of the kind of thought process you possess, the maturity you have, and the opinions and judgments you hold on key issues.
It is pivotal to ensure that you are focused while you present your answer. Do not lose concentration mid-way. Practice extempore before a mirror so that you can understand and rectify negative body language, fillers and facial expressions. Continuous practice will result in improved communication. This inturn helps you to convey your points to the panel in a crystal clear manner.

2. Follow a format
Have a plan. Prepare a format in which your Panel Discussion is going to flow. Start with a question. This will make the panel members more interested and attentive towards your points that are to follow. Note key figures, statistics and numbers related to your question. The core intention is to have made an impact amongst the audience after you are done speaking. Start answering the question you posted to them in the beginning of your presentation. Slowly and steadily navigate towards the solution to the problems you are addressing. Use pointers, examples and case studies to substantiate your point. Leave the audience convinced and in awe post your presentation. When you are done talking the solution has to be planted in the minds of your audience. If that is achieved then you are winning the Panel Discussion.

3. Take personal sessions
Your performance gets 10x better with a mentor. Be it any skill, if you have the right guide, you can never go wrong. Take practice sessions and seek guidance from people who are genuinely concerned about you. Younity extends our community members effective practice sessions on Panel Discussions. We offer them critical feedback that enables them to refine their performance and be their best at Panel Discussions.

Taking personal sessions to groom yourself for Panel Discussions will give you a great confidence boost and will influence you to perform at your best.

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