Read these hotshot Tips, & Tricks to win your next Group Discussion round!

Group Discussion is the first and the foremost part of any recruitment process. Companies use this tool to screen and hire the best candidate. In this blog, we've covered tips and tricks that will help you crack the GD round and mark your positive presence in the room.

Know the difference between GD & Debate

Contrary to a debate in which you have to prove your point right, in Group Discussion, one has to state their point and stay relevant to it from the start to the end. It is noteworthy to mention that if a person is participating in a GD, he/she should not show any sign of aggression no matter what the discussion is about.

Why is Group Discussion important for a company? 

A company has to follow a tedious procedure for selection criteria. In a one-on-one interview, let's say, for determining 10 right candidates out of 1000 applicants, recruiters will go through the hassle to find if they are suitable and competent enough for their organization. Group discussion helps to simplify the entire process by identifying and choosing the potential candidates out of the crowd.

What are the average selection criteria for GD?

  • The general benchmark for selecting candidates in the GD round is 2 out of 10. And the standard time for the GD held is 10 mins.
  • The average CGPA required to be eligible for the GD round is 6 and above.
  • If GD is the 1st round of an interview, then companies set an estimated ratio for selection between 30-40% of the total number of people participating in GD. Upon selection, they can move to the second phase.
  • In case GD is the 2nd round of an interview, they set a ratio of selecting 20% of the total number of people sitting for GD.

Tips and Tricks to win the GD round

GD is the skill of presenting and performing on any topic at the moment. But, practicing these tips and tricks is a prerequisite to scoring points in GD.

  • Before the GD round starts, draw a circle on a page and divide it into 10 parts. Write your name in one part, and as the moderator starts taking the attendance of other candidates, note their names in the rest of the 9 parts too. This trick will help you to refer to your team member’s name when you have to agree or disagree with the statements.
  • A moderator always tries to spot the smartest person in the room that stands out from the crowd. Memorize 3 Younique Statements before entering the GD room:

1. “I completely agree with what (name) said…”

In a GD, you will find someone who shares the same opinion on the topic and agrees with you. Collaborate and make him your ally in GD by using this statement and referring to the individual's name.

2. “I beg to differ from what (name) said…”

You may encounter a contradicting situation where a person will not agree with your point and becomes a rival. Use this polite statement in GD to make a difference in the discussion.

3. “I would like to add another dimension to the discussion.”

When you want to add a new or unique point to the GD, use this affable statement to create an opportunity to speak your opinion.

If you want to win your Group discussion round, then don't forget to keep practicing the tips and tricks you’ve learned in this blog.

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