Red flags you might be ignoring in your One-Sided love or Friends with Benefits relationship. Read now!

One-sided love and Friends with benefits are a part of the human experience in the modern world. Studies have shown that a significant number of people belonging to the age group between late teens to early ‘20s at some point in life have experienced One-sided love or FWB.

What is One-sided love?

In One-sided or unrequited love people start having romantic or emotional feelings for someone who doesn’t feel the same way about them. The other person may be unaware of the love and affection, or they may consciously reject it.

What is FWB aka Friends-with-Benefits?

Unlike a romantic relationship, a friends-with-benefits relationship is a no strings attached relationship in which two people have physical intimacy with one another without staying committed to each other in any way. Those who share FWB relationships only enjoy the physical time they are spending together.

Can a person have one-sided love in FWB?

Yes, it is common to have one-sided love or be attached to your FWB partner. It's necessarily not a bad or wrong thing, but it can make things confusing and complicated between two people.

Right & Wrong in One-Sided and FWB

  • FWB relationship can only work if two people are on the same page. Because of one-sided love, things might start turning awkward and the relationship can become difficult to maintain.
  • People in FWB relationships intentionally connect through physical intimacy and refuse any emotional commitment. When a person creates romantic feelings for the other person, they may not return the same feelings. It may end up one going through suffering and emotional turbulence.
  • For two people to be in FWB, they have to set mutual expectations and create boundaries for the relationship. In a case, if one starts having a strong feeling for the other, then it's good to make a conclusion out of it.
  • If you find your FWB partner and relationship healthy, then try to have an honest conversation with your FWB. If you feel the relationship is not viable, then cut ties from it.

Final Thought

FWB is the best kind of relationship to have in your ‘20s and ‘30s if you know how to set proper boundaries and take responsibility for it. If you find there is any kind of change in your feelings in a mutual relationship, it's always better to first acknowledge and take measures accordingly.

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