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Excel: Beginners to Advanced Course

Language: English, Hindi

Instructor: Dr. Sahana Prasad


Note from the creator of the course

~ Dr. Sahana Prasad

Excel is part of excellence, nothing more to make you understand the importance of it. Any organisation, any department, any professional needs to inculcate processes before anything else. And excel is the most important ingredient to it.

Advance excel is a whole new world which comprise of complex formulas, data structures and patterns which are advance as they are termed because they make the processes of multiple units simpler.

I can say that my advancement into teach excel started 25 years ago and today I have it on my tips. Getting excel and it’s user processes on tips will take time but it will surely happen. 

I will give you mentorship from scratch but in return a promise from you that you will put equal hardwork to set it in your hands, mind and sheets.

See you inside the session learner♥

Training Curriculum

About the Mentor

Dr. Sahana Prasad

  • Ex Faculty at Christ University

  • Trained 5000+ students
  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics post M.Phil in Statistics
  • Masters in MSc. Mathematical Statistics
  • Specialisation in Statistical quality control, Operations Research, Mathematical Modelling, Actuarial Statistics, R Programming, SPSS, MS-EXCEL & Data Science


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