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Personality Development & Networking Live Course

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Instructor: Mr. Prafful Garg | Founder & CEO of | REX-Karmaveer Award by United Nations for 'Change Maker' | Titled as 'Top Career Counseling Voice' on LinkedIn | Bagged the highest placement of 32LPA of Delhi University in 2019 | Bootstrapped a start-up to a Million dollar valuation during his college years | Placement Trainer & Personality Coach | Trained 2,00,000+ students across the globe | Guest lecturer for placements across B-Schools | LinkedIn followers: 52k+

Note from the creator of the course

~ Prafful Garg

Personality Quotient (PQ) supports EQ & IQ

You are born in Generation Z and I understand that your life is complicated:
Cut Throat Competition: Peers are putting far more efforts in growth, becoming smarter and tapping new opportunities daily.
Skills Over Degree: You need to take out time after traditional learning to up-skill yourself.
Show Game: MNCs’ and Startups’ are selecting people based on practical skills and BOLD personality.

8 years back I felt the same and was confused how to outperform others across domains and that’s when I started the work on my personality. Today, I’m doing better than my best dream. Have done guest lectures as a Personality Development, Life Skills, Marketing and Entrepreneurship mentor across B-schools and Undergrad colleges.

Have bootstrapped 2 startups, with both over million dollar valuations and backed the highest placement (32 LPA) of Delhi University in the year 2019. All this happened before I turned 25 this year. 

While taking interviews at SRCC Delhi University in 2020, I realised that deserving students are being left by companies just because they lack a BOLD, CONFIDENT and PROACTIVE personality.

Since then, I have helped over 2,00,000 students across different practical-oriented programs to develop skills and monetise them by getting internships and placements through organic sources like LinkedIn.

Do you think you don’t have any of these?
✅ Increase the horizon of your knowledge - Hack to confidence building level 1 
✅ Increase the horizon of your knowledge - Hack to confidence building level 2 
✅ Engage them with what you speak - Art of Public Speaking 
✅ Let them decide the topic - Extempore Public Speaking 
✅ Know your personality - Types, Traits, Patterns
✅ Learn to speak in a group - Panel Discussion 
✅ Listening Skills - The art of asking questions and giving answers 
✅ Time Management 
✅ Speak and Record - Get your feedback
✅ A Speaker is a Leader - Know how? 
✅ Clear Career Path with Plan A and Plan B
✅ Combination of Hard-Skills and Soft-Skills

If you have them, I would like to say, “I’m proud of you, you are a self-aware soul.” 
If you don’t have them, I would like to say, “You need them dude, don’t even question the importance. They are your NEED!”

I haven’t priced the Personality Transformation course expensive because I come from a humble middle-class family background and I know how hard your parents work to make the money they invest in you!

Enrol now, to get into the course which comprises of:
✅ 30 hours of live sessions
✅ Recording assistance as you join the batch
✅ Certification
✅ Handwritten notes with each class
✅ Live Practice sessions throughout the year
✅ Friendly App access and Support team
✅ Mentor who will be more like a friend

What is important is a START, please decide when you want to start, I start a batch on 1st of every month.

Training Curriculum

About the Mentor

Prafful Garg

Founder & CEO of and

  • Bootstrapped a start-up started on 15th day of College to a Million dollar valuation.

  • Bagged the highest placement of Delhi University in 2019 (32 LPA) at age of 21 and left it after 4 months of working to continue with entrepreneurship by purpose.

  • Started with Nil investment and bootstrapped the company to 28,000 community members & 50 LiveLearn courses in less than 2 years.
  • Author of the book: The Painkiller, With No Side Effects which became Amazon Top #3 Seller on First Day of the Launch.
  • Dignified with REX-Karmaveer GYLC Award 2019 by UN at IIT- Delhi (for being the student entrepreneur for change)
  • Delivered 1000+ hours of live sessions at on Professional-Personality-Personal Development, Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship and 150+ guest lectures, public speeches and mentorship sessions at IIM-Indore, Hansraj College, NMIMS Mumbai, Mithibai College, etc. over the last three years.


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